Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Hello Hello.....Is This Thing On?


Here we are then.

New site, new blog, new voice, new chapter, new ideas, new ideals, new goals, old me.

Not, and let me be absolutely clear on this, a new and improved site / blog / ...etc as the two are mutually exclusive (you can't be both - think about it!)

DeadFly Media is a beautiful brand and is set to make its presence known in beautiful and artistic ways.  It has become the parent brand of Andy Wright Studios and will continue to deliver quality artistic output over and above that beautiful high benchmark which is already known in the industry. Both Andy and Karen are at the heart of this endeavour and are helping to solidify the structure and shape of both brands.  We will share some of that journey with you here, for the fun of it.  Sometimes educational, sometimes informative, often times with a wry chuckle or two thrown in as well.

So please - drop by when you can, and enjoy our new journey with our improved web presence.

(Hah - see!)