Tuesday, 30 May 2017

"All I Want is Loving You and Music, Music, Music..."

That line comes from this song. The Team here at DeadFly Media loves music. We have music on all the time in the studio, in the car while on the way to and from clients. And it is something that we love to shoot whilst it's being played live and now write about for AntiHero Magazine!

We have some pretty different, eclectic musical tastes and are rather well-versed ( ba dum tish) in music history and trivia. So in an effort to get to know us better and to peek behind the curtain....we asked each other these questions about music.


What was the 1st album you bought?

Tubular Bells – Mike Oldfield.  Our music teacher played it through in a lesson at school (I think he just wanted an excuse to play his new album all day as he did it for everyone) and I was amazed by it, so went out and spent some coin.

What was the 1st concert you attended?

Queen at Knebworth Park, London (supported by Big Country & Status Quo) in August 1986.  It was Queen's very last concert with Freddie, and absolutely fantastic.

What was the best concert you ever attended?

Marillion Convention Weekends in Port ZĂ©lande and Montreal 2013.  I was one of the featured contributing artists on their 17th studio album Sounds That Can’t Be Made, and I provided artwork for three tracks (Montreal / Sounds That Can’t Be Made & Invisible Ink) - and I can truly say that there is nothing which adequately describes the impact upon me when my images were a featured part of their visuals in their stage show.  An accolade shared by precious few, all incredibly talented and amazing artists. It was truly emotional, so incredibly memorable, and will always be a high point in my photography career.  

If you were stranded on a desert island what is the 1 album you'd want with you?
Only 1? Marbles by Marillion 

If you could create your own SuperGroup, who would be in it?

 Drums - Keith Moon.  Bass -  John Entwistle.   Guitar(s) - Steve Rothery and Gary Moore.  Harmonies & Backing vocals – The Blind Boys of Alabama and Ninet Tayeb.  Keyboards – Tony Banks   Vocals – Freddie Mercury


What was the 1st album you bought?

The Partridge Family. I vividly remember being with my Mum in Towers department store in Quebec City and being given the choice between a long floral dress( it was the 70s we were all hippies!) and the album; I couldn't have both, I had to choose. And thus began my obsession with music.

What was the 1st concert you attended?

Technically it was the Irish Rovers at the Grand Theatre in Quebec City but rock concert would be either Cheap Trick at the Forum in Montreal. Robin Zander in that pink suit. Swoon. Or possibly the KISS one ( see below). Should have kept those ticket stubs!

What was the best concert you ever attended?

Kiss, Dynasty Tour, Montreal Forum in I think 1979. It remains the concert against which all others since have been measured. It was mind blowing. My folks drove me and my brother Mark the 2.5 hours from Quebec City to Montreal, gave us money to buy T-shirts and dropped us off, unchaperoned. Ears ringing and recounting every moment excitedly and probably incoherently to them when they picked us up, we drove to the Holiday Inn in Longeuil and spent the night. It was also important emotionally as we didn't have a lot of money and it was a big deal. Mark and I both included this when we spoke at our Dad's service when he passed away. 

Had my 16 year old self had any idea that this would happen...

As Andy included more than 1....Close 2nd would be Nine Inch Nails at the Air Canada Centre here in 2013 as it launched my 'music tourism' adventures ( globetrotting to see concerts) - that touring line up for Tension 2013 was phenomenal and included some astonishing effects and lighting.

NIN at the Hard Rock in Las Vegas

If you were stranded on a desert island what is the 1 album you'd want with you?

I have a feeling this answer would change depending on my mood....but right now I'd say Kiss Destroyer. 

If you could create your own SuperGroup, who would be in it?

I'm going with people still alive! Joan Jett, Luke Spiller (The Struts), Tom Morello on guitars, Tim Muddiman on bass, Ilan Rubin on drums. That was totally just people I love ; no idea how they'd sound together! LOL

So what about you? Comment below with your answers!

"Till next time

Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Andys Angle.....Click

It's that moment the other side of midnight when you are exhausted from shooting an entire awesome concert and you have just schlepped your heavier than ever bag back to a car that seems to be parked miles further away than it was 4 hours ago, and all you want to do is fall asleep for a thousand hours, but you spot something - an image searing into your brain compelling you to put things down in the middle of a rainy car-park and find a camera for one more shot.....

DeadFly Media

It's when you wake up at three in the morning and realise it is foggy outside and suddenly think of something and the next thing you know you are walking across train tracks in the dead of a dark and damp night to get this damned image out of your head....

DeadFly Media

It's that moment when you see something unexpected in the viewfinder and find yourself compelled to spend weeks on the road travelling across North America to write a word in pictures..

Marillion & DeadFly Media

It's spending 10 hours in the studio crafting and tweaking and creating to take one picture which people assume was photoshopped and layered rather than actually taken 'live'.

Steve Rothery, Marillion, DeadFly Media

It's taking an hour to walk a 10 minute distance because you just have to keep stopping and having that close circle of friends who both flinch and suggest running away, while at the same time smile approvingly and happily wait when you utter the phrase "I've got an idea!!"

DeadFly Media

Click.  It's what I do.  Sometimes it's all I do even when I should be doing other things.   It is simply the best noise in the world.......Click.

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Tuesday, 16 May 2017

The first from Claire's Corner

I have never had a professional portrait taken of me in my life.  I do, however, take a lot of selfies because I have a network marketing business and use them for my social media campaigns and promotions. I know what angles suit me best. I’m getting pretty good at lighting. I know what makeup is most flattering. I’m great with a filter. I am in full control of that image.

In my new role as Creative Media/ Artist Management with DeadFlyMedia I am wrangling (or as he calls it ‘adulting’) our photographer Andy and working on marketing and social media strategies. Obviously, we wanted a shot of the Team, this trio of oddballs who are a force to be reckoned with, so that people can see who we are and with whom they would be working. As mentioned, I have never had a professional portrait taken before, and as the photo session drew near I started feeling anxious and self-conscious at the prospect. Those extra 30 lbs...the crow's feet around my eyes...the double chins...I was worried that handing over the reins to someone would mean that they would capture all that was “wrong” with me; the things that I am adept at correcting, avoiding or covering up.

On a Saturday afternoon Andy, our CEO Karen and I gathered in the studio for some portraits; together and solo. The shots of the three of us together are filled with character, mirth, goofiness, swagger and confidence as we played off each other. I have to admit it was a lot of fun. 

          The photographer and his two adults!

But as my turn for solo shots came round, the nervousness crept back in and I was feeling awkward and vulnerable. Many of the first shots looked like this with me hiding behind a sign or looking terrified. Every click of the camera shutter made me flinch.

It is a great shot of my eyes! The bold me is in there!

Then Andy and Karen just started chatting with me, having a conversation. They didn’t tell me to smile or look happy or relax (there was some gentle guidance to turn left or right, a tucking of my hair behind my ear, that sort of thing) instead they created an atmosphere where I felt comfortable and at ease and safe. We built rapport. I was aware of the camera, aware of Andy behind it but I was enjoying myself so much that I stopped thinking about all that stupid stuff that makes us hate our photos and makes us shy away from being in any. The things I was hiding behind, both literal and figurative began to drop. I have shared some of the pictures already on social media and the comments from family and my social media friend base have all been that these photos are so “me”.

The results speak for themselves and I have learned something rather profound through this amazing process. Everyone is photogenic. Everyone. Sure makeup can help, good bone structure, a good angle, good lighting. But what really makes you photogenic is how natural you are in front of the camera, how comfortable you feel in your own skin, and how liberating it is to let your true inner radiance shine.

I would love for you to have the experience that I had. How many of us have avoided having our photos taken, sometimes for years, because we don’t feel good about ourselves? I now have photos that I want to share with people who know and love me. Possibly better still, I have photos that strangers can look at and see my zest for life and my energy without me having to tell them. I have photos that I can share that proudly convey to the world who I am. Crow's feet and chins and all!

Having the DeadFlyMedia team capture my authentic self in photos has been empowering. How amazing would it be to have those kinds of photos for yourself? Where you look and feel great whether you are belly laughing or serene or sassy or whatever resonates with you, and to carry that power with you? There’s one way to find out isn’t there?!

Next on the agenda....a no makeup shot.....(eeek)

Until next time,

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