Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Andys Angle.....Click

It's that moment the other side of midnight when you are exhausted from shooting an entire awesome concert and you have just schlepped your heavier than ever bag back to a car that seems to be parked miles further away than it was 4 hours ago, and all you want to do is fall asleep for a thousand hours, but you spot something - an image searing into your brain compelling you to put things down in the middle of a rainy car-park and find a camera for one more shot.....

DeadFly Media

It's when you wake up at three in the morning and realise it is foggy outside and suddenly think of something and the next thing you know you are walking across train tracks in the dead of a dark and damp night to get this damned image out of your head....

DeadFly Media

It's that moment when you see something unexpected in the viewfinder and find yourself compelled to spend weeks on the road travelling across North America to write a word in pictures..

Marillion & DeadFly Media

It's spending 10 hours in the studio crafting and tweaking and creating to take one picture which people assume was photoshopped and layered rather than actually taken 'live'.

Steve Rothery, Marillion, DeadFly Media

It's taking an hour to walk a 10 minute distance because you just have to keep stopping and having that close circle of friends who both flinch and suggest running away, while at the same time smile approvingly and happily wait when you utter the phrase "I've got an idea!!"

DeadFly Media

Click.  It's what I do.  Sometimes it's all I do even when I should be doing other things.   It is simply the best noise in the world.......Click.

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  1. And what amazing, beautiful, captivating images you get when you click. Thank you for sharing Andy.