Tuesday, 20 December 2016

Thank you, and you, and you, oh and you over there....

So let us not dwell on the fact that there has been nothing, as yet, written in the blogsphere of this lovely little website.   It has clearly been on the wrong 'To-Do' list thus far which had been skulking around in some of the darker recesses of the studio trying to to draw attention to itself.

Well surprise surprise, I found the little bugger and, after a brief but nasty fight, its efforts to remain hidden from view have failed.  Hurrah - breathe easy - and stand by for normal service to resume.

Or possibly more accurately any service to begin, seeing as it is hardly worth trying to resume something that was never in a state of 'sume'.

Anyway - moving on.....

This is a quick note to say a hearty 'Thank You'.
Thank you to every musician, every artist, ever business, every entrepreneur, every peer, every colleague, and every wonderful friend that has supported us, and with whom we have been able to engage and work during the building of the DeadFly Media brand.   We have a long road ahead, and our eyes are keenly peeled on whatever is just over the horizon.  There are many incredible things to achieve, and high hopes and aspirations aplenty as we close the book on this interesting and game changing year of 2016 and start afresh on the newly pressed blank pages of 2017.

Stick around, it's just getting interesting......

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