Tuesday, 13 June 2017

In the eye of the beholder

This past weekend we were very lucky to be given media access to shoot the opening of the Sound of Music Festival in Burlington, ON. The festival is in its 37th year and considerably different now from the original marching band parade! It has evolved into a first rate festival featuring international and Canadian artists from every genre and decade since its inception and there really is something for everyone. Add to the amazing music over the course of the 9-day Festival a vast array of food and drink options, a marketplace, Family Zone, Carnival, Streetfest and yes the Grande Festival parade, and you have yourself loads of summertime fun!

The June 10th kick off concert was on the main TD Stage along the waterfront. A beautiful location on a gorgeous sunny day with a little breeze coming off the lake which got everyone in festive spirits! The bands ranged from punk to classic rock to alternative and the crowd was a cross-section of ages; the energy levels were contagious and much singing and dancing was going on!  Full galleries of our music photography will be up soon but we posted a picture of each act on Instagram as the day unfolded. Sumo Cyco, Killer Dwarfs, Spin Doctors, Smash Mouth, Marianas Trench, Live and The Offspring brought their A games to the field, making for an incredible live music event. 

We were shooting for AntiHero Magazine and were given the traditional "3 songs no flash" concert photography pit access to take pictures of each act except for headliners The Offspring, who restricted access to a couple of event staff only.  In between bands we mingled with our colleagues from various outlets, chatted with fantastic volunteers who guarded our equipment until our return and wandered the grounds for a taste of the new Goslings Dark and Stormy and sample some poutine! You find yourself looking around for shots to capture the mood of the day, to capture the experience for people and when you're part of the DeadFly Media Team you look for something a little different while you're at it!

I found myself looking at rigging and equipment, noticing colours and shapes, scanning the vista. As I looked out over the peaceful lake and at the sailboats docked, the sort of beautiful imagery that would normally have been the focus of my photos, my attention instead returned to the rigging and to the back of the screens that were showing the concert for those further back from the stage.

I grabbed my cellphone (my wondrous new LGG6!) and took a pic...

As I stood there reviewing  the picture and trying to figure out where to go next with it, and where best to stand to make a better composition, suddenly Andy appeared.....

Now I'm not sure if he saw me looking or I was aware of him looking, or what, but we were both drawn to this screen. You hear about people who work together getting in sync with unspoken cues that have people switching between leading and following each other. I was both pleased that he saw something there too and annoyed because I knew he'd get a better shot! 

You get more proficient by working with someone who is better, more adept or more experienced at something; someone who challenges you to leave your comfort zone and up your game. I am inspired to trust my gut instinct more, to test my burgeoning eye, to keep looking, to keep trying....because he finds this insane beauty in the most obscure details.  I found beauty in the big picture, and I knew there was more to discover but I didn't quite go there, whereas he found art in the minutiae.  Look at what the eye of the beholder can see....

Do you have a photo you're particularly proud of? We'd love to see it and hear your story!


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