Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Long live rock 'n roll

We have been privileged to be on assignment for AntiHero Magazine recently. Just who are they exactly? 

"We are comprised of an international team of writers, photographers and interviewers throughout the world covering Rock, Metal, Punk, Hardcore and more. Our aim is to not only deliver news and features from established acts, but help expose new, upcoming and underground bands to our readers. We are a growing site, currently averaging 50k-60k views per month, 6300+ Twitter followers, and 44,000+ Facebook followers."

Our Editor-in-Chief Thomas Woroniak is incredibly supportive and encouraging and we are thoroughly enjoying working with him to provide interesting content for his magazine. After all, quirky, different, interesting is what we do!

Our first gig was covering the Killer Dwarfs acoustic show at the Hard Rock Cafe here in Toronto in May. Before the show we got to chat with founding members Darrell "Dunk" Millar and Russell Graham. Here is an excerpt:

Are there any new bands or new music that you are listening to?

Dunk – “Kickin’ Valentina! That’s our new band. New Jack Russell but that’s not ‘new new’.”

Russ- “Rival Sons. I like that band. They’re like ‘Zeppelin’, or ‘The Doors’. Go see them if you haven’t seen them they’re awesome.”

Dunk –“They’re good. They have a real ‘70s feel. I’m not listening to a whole lot of new stuff to tell you the truth. I’m kinda stuck back in the day. Like, when we get together drinking or whatever, we end up listening to Foghat, Aerosmith, all these bands we used to listen to.”

Russ- “The stuff from our youth.”

Dunk – “I think everybody does that, don’t they? We revert back to that.”

Russ-  “Well they were mainstream too. The songs were solid.”

Dunk – “I listen to Bad Company and all kinds of 70s rock.”

Russ- “The kids like that shit too.”

Dunk – “Yeah they do, they do.”

The entire interview can be found here on AntiHero Magazine's site as well as photos from the gig. You can also find the gallery of photos on DeadFly Media

The Killer Dwarfs will be playing this Saturday June 10th at the Sound of Music Festival in Burlington, Ontario. And on October 7th at The Rockpile in Toronto. 

And we'll be covering more gigs so keep your eyes peeled!

If you'd like to be featured contact us here !

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